~ DUCATI Bevel Drive DARMAH Case Saver ~
* Save your case from your chain *

DARMAH Kit replaces DUCATI part #0801.91.070

Each DARMAH Kit Includes:
1 Delrin Buffer, 2 ea: SS allen head bolts, washers, nylock nuts

Keep your chain off of your case with this part.  See the gap under the chain above?  The chain will not rub on your case or bind and your swingarm will still function in a completely normal fashion.  Once installed, you might need to slack off your chain just a bit.

I did some research and found that the DUCATI factory designed a similar part but either did not install them or the bolts simply fell out leaving the unknowing DUCATISTI with a problem.  Mine was MIA and I could not find a replacement.  It took several weeks to locate someone who still had an original part on their DARMAH for me to use as an example. (thanks WES D. in AU).

I originally made several sets to offer up to other B'heads in the same situation as me back in 1999 - in fact,. this was the FIRST product from Bevel Heaven!  I make these from black Delrin which is highly resistant to wear, oil, solvents etc so it should last a REAL long time.  I also am including all Stainless Steel mounting hardware including allen head bolts, washers and nylock nuts.  This modification will look great, save your case and you will not lose it as you did your originals.  

If your Darmah has 2 holes under the right side center stand pivot bolt, then these will bolt right on in.  If not, you will have to simply line the buffer up so it lifts the chain off your case then drill and tap the 2 req'd 6mm holes.  

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