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CRG glass removal & elbow reversal instructions

All CRG Mirrors can be set up for either left or right hand use. The elbow is a symmetrical part, which can be flipped over by accessing the mount screws, which are hidden under the mirror glass. Accordingly the glass needs to be removed in order to access the elbow mount screws.

First determine which model Hindsight you have:  (Please note these instructions are applicable to 2001 and later CRG Hindsight Bar End Mirrors). Pre-2001 model Hindsight Mirrors are identified by a three point glass retention design. The three points are comprised of two delrin (plastic) hooks and a third delrin washer/screw hold location.  2001 and later model Hindsight Mirrors are identifiable by a two hold point design. The two points are comprised of a single metal hook (machined into the bezel) and a black fiber/stainless washer/screw hold. If you need instructions relating to early model Hindsight Mirrors, please....

Warning: The mirror of the hindsight is a glass (not plastic) lens and is highly breakable. When handling the glass, particularly with unprotected hands, take caution to avoid using excessive force while working on this assembly. Further, extra caution should be exercised when using metallic tools, which could break or shatter the mirror glass.

Tools required — 3mm Allen (Hex) key / wrench

Glass removal/Installation — The glass of the Hindsight Mirror is retained by a single M3 button head screw (a second retaining point is an integral machined-in detail on the bezel).

Step 1 Remove mirror from bike.
Step 2 Remove the screw using a 2mm hex key. Take care not to lose the black fiber and stainless steel washers.
Step 3 Break the set of the gasket by rotating the glass in the bezel with your thumbs. (The glass is pressure set in the bezel with a buna rubber gasket.) Tip: If the gasket is difficult to break loose, try putting a little soapy water or glass cleaning solution on the seal, and seep it between the edge of the glass and the gasket by pushing the gasket away from the edge of the glass. Do not proceed to the next step until you can rotate the glass in the bezel.
Step 4 Pry the glass from the bezel with a pointed tool, using great care. Insert tool at the edge near the screw detail. A push pin type tack works well for this task.
Step 5 With the glass removed the M5 button head elbow retaining screws can be loosened using a 3mm hex
Step 6 Flip the elbow over and reinstall.
Step 7 Installation of the glass is a reversal of the removal procedure with the following comments: Make sure the gasket is seated into the bezel groove around the entire perimeter. Wet the gasket with soapy water or glass cleaner just prior to glass installation. Install the glass under the machined “hook” first and push with thumbs while rotating into the bezel. Reinstall fiber washer, stainless washer and M3 button head screw.

NOTE:  If you bought replacement glass kits, elbow upgrade kits, or simply wish to convert a left hand mirror to a right hand mirror [or vice versa], and you are having trouble figuring out what to do.....  Send me all the pieces and I'll do it for you for $20 per mirror + shipping back to you.


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