~ 1976 900 Super Sport ~


This bike is currently For Sale

This Super Sport is a multi-concourse winning bike. It has been featured in numerous magazines over the years and its most recent feature is in the latest Australian publication of Streetbike magazine. This bike has been kept in exceptional condition its entire life. The bike should be regarded as a "special" in 1976 trim due to the fact it has undergone modifications to allow it to become the beautiful machine it is today. This bike will be everything the highest bidder expects and much much more. It has been my pride and joy for the last few years.

The bike is 100% reliable and is ridden regularly. It will start up first kick almost every time and tick over cleanly within seconds. The bike had a complete overhaul in early 2001 and won Best Modified in the Ducati Concourse that year as well as the two years previously. The bike has been maintained to the highest standard no matter what the cost by its current owner and two previous owners. As you can see in the photos: Colour is black metallic and ducati silver. It has an imola tank, a specially fabricated alloy swing arm, Acront rims,goldline brembos etc etc. What you cant see: The flatslide carbs have been replaced by 40mm delortos, the heads are flowed, forged pistons, straight cut gears, sureflex clutch, etc etc. This bike is a joy to ride. Everything operates as it should and better. It never ceases to amaze me how many people it attracts whenever parked or ridden. The bike was previously fitted with flatslide racing carbs.


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