~ 1975 750 SS ~

Here is my 1975 750SS, it is bike number 46 of 249 made by the Ducati racing department in May 1975.  I have lusted after one of these ever since I heard my first L-twin.  I feel they are superior to the green frame as they where made in significantly smaller numbers, had a higher power output and looked heaps better with the blue and silver paint scheme.  I know a lot of people say the round case is the ultimate (cant really disagree as I own one myself) but I think the 75 model 750SS is the ultimate bevel 750 in a technical sense ever produced.  The factory put the 750 into production in 1976 and started the rot with a steel tank, clumsy left side gear change and Silentium mufflers.

The bike has been restored to original specification with all original bits, I polished the front forks as earlier explained, hope Doctor "T" approves.  We have no open road speed limit in our state so I can attest that this baby exceeds 210 Kph using a GPS receiver strapped to the steering yoke. Yeeha!

Take care Steve, best regards,

John Lawrie

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