~ Mikes 900SS ~

Hi Steve,

Post the picture by all means and yes it does have a striking resemblance to your very pretty bike.

The tank is aluminum from the UK of unknown origin, the panel beating is far better than the welding, but after Brian at "Paint This" was done, you'd never know it. The tail section and suede seat are from Syd's, which I trimmed prior to painting with a Dremel to match the Spanish endurance racer in the Cathcart book, "Ducati, the Untold Story", which is still, in my opinion, the quintessential 900SS. It was also massaged and painted by Brian. It's still my favorite, and the flagship of the fleet.

Other details,

Bone stock original paint 1980 900SS frame, Koni shocks, 32's instead of 40's (I've got the 40's still in brown paper from new), Conti 2-1, hydraulic clutch conversion, stainless lines throughout, Avon tires and all in all, a real gas to ride.

Best to Karl if you talk to him again.  [Karl Engellenner from Motorcycle Machining Specialties built this engine - Steve]

Regards, Mike

[email protected]

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