~ 1995 900SS & 1974 750SS ~

Hi Steve,

I bought the '74 750SS new in April of 1975 and the '95 900SS new in October of 1994. The 750 shows 71,000 km on the clock but the speedo hasn't worked in close to 15 years, it should have turned over a long time ago. The 900SS will have 50,000m on it by the end of the month. I split the cases for the first time on the 750 a couple of years ago, to rebuild the gearbox. While it was apart I really missed it, so I painted the 900 to match while I was waiting for parts. Now that the 750 is back on the road I'll have to think of more things to do to the 900 (It's a sickness).

Keith Hale

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