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1988 Ducati 750F1 ~ SOLD ~
1900 original miles
posted 3/4/08 - sold 3/14/08
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1988 750F1-S

This is a street legal DOT approved, built for the USA market Ducati 750F1 located in the SF Bay Area with a clean and clear California title and current registration.

There are 1968 original miles on this 1988 Ducati 750F1S. 

The 'S' model is basically an updated 1986 model with dual seat, dual exhaust and a front fender from the Montjuich made specifically for the USA market.  Only 84 of the 'S' model were produced of only 1801 total production for the 750F1. 


Just looking at the brake rotors is enough to see that the bike is a basically unused 20 year old motorcycle. The bike starts right up and runs, it started right up when I got it a few years ago and I rode it about 35 miles then put it back in my shop where it has sat covered up since.  There are some signs of limited corrosion here and there, but nothing that can't be easily dealt with.  The paint is bright, the engine is very clean.......  Everything is in great shape mechanically.

This bike looks very good from 4 feet away.  Put your nose right up against it and you will notice the patina of 20 year old bike despite the low low miles.  Some good buffing would be in order to minimize and/or completely smooth out the scratches that are on the bike.  There is a small repair on the top most part of the left side fairing you can see in the photos, paint chips on the outside, inside you can see where the fiberglass was repaired.  15 mins with touch up paint will cure that.  There are scratches on the tank [see photos above] from the rider's belt buckle as well as other misc. scratches on some of the body panels.

I have complete sticker kits in my shop, paint if needed is easy and not expensive so getting this bike into tip top shape would NOT be a difficult proposition.  Think about it.  Would you rather do a MECHANICAL restoration or a COSMETIC restoration?

Included with this bike will be the following new parts:

*2x PHF Dellorto seal kits
*2x Dellorto #250 float needle valves
*2x Dellorto accelerator pump diaphrams
*2x PAIOLI mechanical fuel taps
*2x brand new VITALONI mirrors [correct mirror for USA market] just installed
*1 SHOWA adjustable shock from a crashed 500mile 916 [basically a drop in mod]
*1 time purchase of anything currently IN STOCK in my shop [total parts order, not just 1 item] at a 15% discount not including shipping [to be negotiated as part of the deal or not].  Of course if you are in California then that would be parts less 15% + tax.

*A complete sticker set for this bike is available and will add $249 if you want it.
*1x rear BREMBO floating rotor [brand new - this is truly an unobtanium part] is available for $495 if you want it.


It revs fine, but could benefit from a carbie rebuild as any bike that has been sitting for a few years would.  The original vacuum taps are notorious for being junk so I planned on replacing them with mechanical taps as well.  The battery should be replaced but it does function, it is just old.  Doing a carb rebuild and changing out the taps would be a beneficial thing to do so I will be including the parts required with the sale of this bike unless I find the time to just go ahead and do the work first.  I would also recommend installing new belts as it has been more than 2 years since these were replaced.


I hold a clear California title in my name with current California registration etc there will be no back fees only normal California transfer fees and sales tax that the DMV will charge.  Bike would be sold with a signed Bill Of Sale "AS-IS, WHERE-IS" with no warranty expressed or implied. What I have said is true and accurate to the best of my ability and knowledge on this bike.  I am active in the motorcycle community as you know, and rely on positive word of mouth for my Ducati business growth etc.  Selling junk is not what I am about.  Given the low miles and parts included, the price settled upon should be reasonable and get me out from under it not at a loss.  This bike needs to find a new home where it will get ridden and enjoyed more than I could....


Once we agree on the price, I will only take cash, PayPal if you add on 3% to cover the fees or direct bank transfer if you are not local.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted.  If your bank has a local branch to me, then you and I can go to your bank and the teller can hand me a bank check.


Shipping the bike to your door if you are in the USA will add $593 to the cost of the bike [with daily direct of course].  I am willing to take the bike to SFO airport and drop it off at your shipping broker for an additional $450 [it would take a good part of the day for me to transport it out there and get back].  I am not able to crate it for you.


If this bike interests you, please contact Steve Allen at Bevel Heaven

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