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1976 Ducati 900 SS  ~  For Sale  ~
posted 1/03/2019
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1976 Ducati 900 Super Sport ~ For Sale

Frame # DM86008644X, Engine # 086258M86X, Mileage: 5566 km (whatever THAT is!)

Waaay back in the mid-seventies when they were new and I was fast, I lusted after a 900SS.....

Decades later, I’m living in the Eternal Summer of Southern California. Better bike weather (‘fer SURE!’). The 900SS dream never left. After MUCH searching, I found this bike in 2002 and imported it from a gentleman named Daniel Bretag in Australia. I was in (Bevel?) heaven! A real treasure!

Then, one day I woke up to discover I was suddenly 69 years old! (Kids, don’t let this happen to you!). I hadn’t heard the magnificent roar of the Duc’s Conti’s and felt the pulses of torque in a couple of years (although I kept it insured and registered). The bike deserves much more than a corner in my garage.

Details: Scored 93/100 at a concourse, losing 6 points because it has Dunlop tires, and a point for “cleanliness” (Heck—I rode it to the show!!  Most bikes were trailered in!) Paint, plating, controls, etc. were all 10 of 10. I AM keeping the trophy!

Good stuff: Original JOD headlamp (rare and $$$) and taillight. Original Borranis (ditto), runs like a champ! Judges deemed the paint etc. perfect.

Additional stuff included in sale: “Staintune” silencers (some Aussie company - they came on the bike.) An unused dual seat (what WAS I thinking?). A bunch of books, including a shop manual and parts book (reprint). Heck, you can even have the official DUCATI shipping crate it came in!

Bad stuff: old age (me, not the bike).

Bike is located in Hermosa Beach, California.  About 6 miles south of LAX. If you fly in to pick the stuff up, I’ll buy dinner.

Asking $39,750 usd, and worth it!

Legal stuff: offered to be sold "As Is / Where Is" with a clear California title & registration in my name, paid up through July 2019.

No Longer For Sale


Shipping available through Bevel Heaven to/from anywhere in the lower 48 states starting @ $703
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