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Ducati Photo Gallery
Racers & Race Action

Additional photos added 9/28/17

Frank Scurria

Mike Hailwood

Mike Hailwood

Ducati 750SS test squad

Frank Scurria
<Bio updated 5/08/17>

Cook Neilsen
Bruno Spaggiarri
Bruno Spaggiari
Paul Smart
Paul Smart
1976 900SS
Paul Ritter

Paul Smart
Franco Uncini
Franco Uncini

John Britten

Mike Hailwood
Steve Wynne aboard Mike Hailwood's IOM winning Ducati
Steve Wynne

Reno Leoni & Mike Baldwin - Pocono, 1978. Keith Code on the Vetter Kawi looks on

Cussigh, Tardozzi & Lucchinelli
Vallelunga, Italy 1985

Gary Patton on his F1 - click to the picture above to see several pix from Riverside, Willow Springs etc...
Kevin Bracken at Laguna early 80's
Kevin Bracken
Walter Villa at a 24 hour race abourd an F1
Walter Villa

 Berliner sales rep George Vencinci
sits on his bike after Richard Schlachter
wins big at Laconia in 1979 riding it
Street Racing at Montjuich in Barcelona, Spain
Street racing at Montjuich, Spain - 1982

Cook Neilsen & Phil Schilling

Cook Neilson at speed on "Old Blue" @ Daytona

Phil Schilling warming "Old Blue"

Reno Leone, Mike Baldwin, Richard Schlachter

Cook Neilsen walking to the grid - Daytona

Cook & Phil getting Old Blue started

Adamo & Leoni at Daytona

Jimmy Adamo and Reno Leoni

Richard Schlachter at Daytona

IMOLA 1982 - Walter Cussigh

Freddie Spencer B-4 he was "somebody"
The fella sitting on Freddie's Berliner/Leoni Ducati is Reno Leoni

Not a Ducati but this IS the "King"
Kenny Roberts

750 Imola - mid 70's

Ducati-races 1981 Ducati-club Nederland
Circuit Zolder Belgium - Jef Ballardini

Gary Patton & Mick Ofield
Laguna Seca 1987

Mark Curtain, Louden NH 1978

Larry Cornish, Louden NH 1977

Ducati-races 1982 Ducati-club Nederland
Circuit Zolder Belgium - Jef Ballardini and Eddie (?)

Assen 1983 Ducati-club Nederland
Jef Ballardini

Patrick Haar

Larry Cornish, Louden NH 1977

Mark Curtain, Louden NH 1978

WSIR - Mick Ofield

WSIR - Mick Ofield

Josepf Ballardini & Yvan Van der Spiegel

Herman Jolink on his bevel drive drag bike

Grant Vinten

Peter Laibacher - Germany

Charlie Clancy - Louden circa 1979

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