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Keihan 'Conti Replica' Exhaust System
NEW Stainless Steel Exhaust System - for Ducati Sport Classics - 10 Year Warranty

Do you love the sound of a bevel drive 900SS with CONTI pipes??  Wish you could get that on your new Ducati SportClassic?

Keihan has finished production of their new 'Conti-Replica' system for the 2006 Ducati SportClassic PS1000 & Sport 1000.  The photos below represent the preproduction model - the actual production model has a shorter silencer setup - Keihan listened to everyone who commented on this pre-production kit.  As soon as our customers get their kit installed and send us photos we will post them to this page.  Production is complete and systems have already shipped - please tell your friends!

The production silencers are a bit shorter than the pre production version as shown in the photos below
If you bought this kit, please send us photos of your bike for a new photo gallery

The CONTI REPLICA is a complete stainless steel system, ready to bolt on to your bike with no modifications required.  Simply remove your old system and install this one in it's place.  The kits includes the silencers, brackets, pipes etc etc...  Everything.  The exhaust pipes include a threaded boss to take the gas flow sensor.  You may also purchase ONLY the silencers and related hardware if you like, and they will work with the stock exhaust pipes.  However, these mufflers are stainless steel and will look slightly different than the original pipes - keep this in mind if you decide to go that route.  The slip on Conti Replica kit includes the silencers, brackets and clamps and bolts right on to your stock exhaust pipes with no modification required. 

The Keihan exhaust systems are made completely of stainless steel, and are backed by a 10 year warranty.  These silencers are based on their Conti Replica kit which have been in production for years made for bevel drives and believe me, they sound great.  Keihan has been in the business of making high quality stainless steel exhaust systems for years.

* Complete ready to bolt on system is $1125 + S&H
* Complete slip on kit is $652 + S&H

S&H is listed below.  To place an order, please go to my online shopping cart, choose your shipping destination and make your payment.  The system will be shipped within a couple days so depending on your order, it will arrive in about a week.  Thank You!

Pricing Information -$USD

  Full System Slip-on Only
Base Price $1175.00 $740.00
Pickup at Bevel Heaven
[Pleasant Hill, CA.  94523]
+ $150 + $125
USA Delivery + $195 + $150
Canada Delivery + $195 + $150
New Zealand Delivery + $220 + $175
Australia Delivery + $220 + $175
Europe Delivery + $120 + $75
Japan Delivery + $230 + $185
UK Delivery [+VAT] + $85 + $45
Middle East Delivery + $160 + $115

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The photo gallery below shows Robert Hartmann's PS1000 with the pre production system installed.  The production version has been improved with shorter silencers etc.

Click HERE to see a short video and hear the sound of these pipes on this bike!

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