Commemorative Ducati Island WSB 2002 T-shirt

I have 4 different shirt styles currently available and ready to ship.  They are all HANES Beefy T's; short sleeve in white or ash grey, long sleeve white and white sweatshirts for $17, $18, $22 and $25 respectively plus shipping.  They are only available online, please don't send me a check.



All orders are placed in a secure online storefront.  

Note: These shirts were meant to give us all a neat souvenir of the event and to make it easy for race fans visiting the Ducati Island Museum to know who to ask if they had questions regarding our bikes.  The event is history but some shirts are still available in all sizes.  Feel free to order as many as you like of either style shirt regardless as to your being there or not.

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Above is on the left front pocket area ~ 5.5 inches wide




Above is the back image, centered, 10" wide, 8" tall