Click on each speaker below to hear and/or see different songs of DUCATI motorcycles in all their glory.
~ new sounds & videos added 1/20/06 ~
The discovery channel did a segment called "The Seven Wonders - Of Motorcycling" and did a piece on Keith Hale's 1974 Super Sport.  Click below to see the show.  [.avi - 39,396 kb]

Gentleman, Start Your Engines!
MotoGP Desmosedici Ducati

Videos and Sounds from Goodwood 2002 & beyond- 
Courtesy Chris Marshall <[email protected]

Steve Wynne bump starting Mike Hailwood's 78TT bike at the Post TT meeting at Mallory Park 2003

Hailwood's 900 (1)

Hailwood's 900 (2)

Hailwood's 250

Imola Starting

Imola Bike (1)

Imola Bike (2)

Imola Bike (3)

Imola Bike (4)

Apollo (1)

Apollo (2)

Apollo (3)

Misc Ducati Bevel Drive Sights and Sounds
Laguana Seca WSB 2003 on Ducati Island - the whole island lit up....  click HERE to see and hear the thunder.

At Laguna Seca WSB 2002, to signify the start of the Ducati Island Party on Saturday night, about 16 Bevel Drives were fired up from inside the Ducati museum,...... Here is what it looked and sounded like > The "Bevel Rev"

1978 Hailwood

1978 900SS

750 SS

Duck Rev

Ducati Start Up

Time to go....

Bevel Drive Dragbike

Misc DUCATI Belt Drive Sights and Sounds

996 on track

916 Racer

916 Revving

996 SPS

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