EZ workstand - work on BOTH ends of your bike

These pictures are of the stand I designed and built in about 10 mins to hold up my DUCATI while I took the front end & swingarm off for rebuild.  The bike is totally stable, I am not worried that it might fall over.  

I put 2 pieces of wood under the factory center stand and 1 temporary piece under my stand just to give me a bit more room while everything was off.  Normally, I need to use just one piece under the center stand because of my 13" shocks for typical maintenance etc.

It is easy to use this stand because of it's simplicity...  Just sit on the seat lifting the front end off the ground and have someone slip it under the motor for you.  Voila!  Both wheels are now off the ground and you can service both ends of the motorcycle safely..  The stand cradles the motor and it won't slip!

I used a 2 x 6 piece of Douglas Fir, you can make it with anything you have access to.  A cutting plan showing dimensions is available by clicking below.


Click CLICK HERE to get a .pdf copy of the above plan


- NEW -
Engine Stand plans for bevel drive.  Choose the original CAD drawing or .pdf file
[Thanks to Brian Larrabure, Eric Reeves, Craig Kenfield & James Franzen]

CAD Drawing #1 CAD Drawing #2 .pdf  Drawing #1 .pdf  Drawing #2


Below is a plan for the DUCATI factory engine stand including dimensions.  Click HERE to download a .pdf copy of this for printing.

Factory Engine Stand

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