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MBP Collet Sets
<---  Please look at the image to your left.  On your right are the stock half rings that hold the closer shims in place.  On the left you can see the MBP Collets and how they differ.  There is NO MODIFICATION required to install the collets.  Most folks install them when they do a valve adjust....

Below is another representation of the stock half rings and the MBP Collets.  Notice that the stock half rings are round, and although they set in a rounded notch in the valve, the hole they sit in on the shim is square!  The MBP Collets not only precisely fit into the given area, but the extra height keeps them in place better.

The most common problem with your valve going 'out of adjustment' is simply put, poor design and consequent destruction of the stock half rings.  It is not uncommon to pull them out and they are twisted, flattened, or even halfway out of their place!  Ducati now recommends replacing the half rings at each valve adjustment. 

Bevel drives should be checked each 3K miles and pantah each 6K miles - with the MBP Collets installed you can push the service out to 20K miles...  Spend a little now, save alot in the long run.


*The bevel drive TWINS collet kit includes 8 MBP collets ~ $125/set
*The bevel drive SINGLES collet kit includes 4 collets ~ $65/set
*The PANTAH TWINS collet kit includes 8 MBP collets ~ $125/set

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Bevel Heaven is the worldwide distributor for MBP Collet Kits for Ducati bevel drive singles and twins along with 2V Pantah engines.

Guy Martin [the M in MBP] talks about using his collet system compared to the factory half rings at Mid Ohio 2005


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