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Ducati SportClassic Parts Index

SportClassic parts and kits at Bevel Heaven?   These bikes pay tribute to our beloved bevel drives and a lot of our customers own these bikes so why not.  We have been stocking some of these bits all along and have been special ordering others the past few years so we figured Bevel Heaven should provide a place where a guy can get an assortment of cool bits for their Ducati Sport Classic all in one stop and not have to order from 27 different places.  So here you go.

Did you know that when the first 3 prototype Sport Classics were brought to the USA, Bevel Heaven owner Steve Allen put together the press introduction shows at both the Long Beach and Javits [New York] shows for Ducati?  Yes, Steve conceptualized the stage and gathered original versions of the 750GT, 750 Sport and 750 SS to showcase alongside the 3 prototypes at both shows.

This page will be growing - please come back to it every now and then to see what we have added and if you have a product suggestion that we SHOULD be offering here, go ahead and shoot over an email.  Thank You!

Go to: to purchase these parts.  Some items have not been listed in the shopping cart yet but will be soon.  Please email me a list of what you need if you don't see what you need in the shopping cart.  We will put together a package deal for you if buying several items at the same time....... Send us your list when you are ready to buy!


Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp Tire Set For SportClassics

Order qty 1 and you will get a set (1 ea) 120/70VR17 + 180/55VR17 Pirelli Phantom tires.

Price includes delivery to the lower 48 states (excludes AK & HI).

These tubeless Pirelli PHANTOM tires were OE on Ducati Sport Classics. Classic style for modern sport riding, these tires provide light and precise handling as well as excellent stability due to their patented 0 degree steel belted radial carcass construction.

* Also Available; Pirelli Angel GT, Diablo Supercorsa SP V2, Diablo Rossa Corsa & Diablo in various sizes

Fuel / Air / Electrics
WestCo 12V12B-4 AGM Battery - Most Modern Ducati Twins

For [most] Modern Ducati Twins including; 999, 749, 998, 996, 916, 748, ST2/3/4, Monster S4/1000/900ie, 1000DS etc, the WestCo has the familiar battery terminals you know. This is an AGM battery and will out perform your stock wet cell battery in every way. Don't be tempted to buy a cheap battery, you will have to replace it often, these you won't. Sure, you can go to Kmart to get a battery, or any motorcycle dealership...... But these are different, they are the new technology maintenance free dry cell battery. This is a very good battery and should last the life of your bike. Really. The WestCo series batteries all carry a heavy duty terminal, able to withstand more vibration which is a major enemy to the life of your battery. These batteries can only be shipped to USA customers, sorry. If you are outside the continental USA please do not order this item, I will not ship it to you.

SPECS: 12V, 10 Amp Hr, 175 CCA. Length = 6.00", Width = 2.75", Height = 5.125" NOTE: This battery can ONLY be shipped to USA customers!! If you live in Canada, Europe, or anywhere outside of the USA please do not order this battery from me.... sorry! This is a direct replacement for Yuasa YT12B-BS   

Brake & Clutch Upgrade Parts

4-Piston Caliper Adapter Kit for all stock wheeled Sport Classics

Finally, a specific kit designed to allow installation of 65mm mount Brembo Goldlines on your Ducati Sportclassic with original stock rims and front end.  You can use either the 2 pad 30/34 Goldlines or the 4 pad type caliper...  Whichever you prefer, this kit adapts either type.

The adapter kit was built by Dr Desmo and co designed by Steve Allen owner of Bevel Heaven.  It includes; 2 rotor spacers, 4 M10 SHCS in A2 SS for mounting the brackets, 4 M10 SHCS in A2 SS for caliper mounting, 12 M8 SCHS in A2 SS for rotor mounting and 2 black anodized billet 6061-T6 aluminum 65mm caliper brackets.  We highly recommend chasing the rotor bolt threads after removing the original bolts then you must use a drop of Loctite blue #242 on each bolt when doing this installation!

We did a run of 10 kits, this is an introductory price on these kits.  We also stock both the 2 pad and 4 pad Goldline Brembo calipers with several brake pad options as well as a myriad of master cylinders and brake line kits to complete the package. 

Radial Pump Brembo Master Cylinder - Forged 19x20

Radial racing master cylinder for dual disc brake front ends. The 19x20 model gives the stiffest brake lever, [FYI: a 19x18 model would provide a little more feel, and a lighter pull on the lever]. When ordering a replacement lever, be sure to match the pivot length of the lever with the pivot length of the master cylinder (2nd number)

16mm Brake MC - Brembo 996 Style w/bleed Screw

brand new BREMBO gold remote reservoir 16mm brake master cylinder with bleed screw. This was the type found on Ducati 996 and many other modern bikes. Comes with a silver adjustable lever and microswitch as shown.

Brembo #10.9770.11     

13mm Remote Resv. Brembo Clutch MC - Gold 996 style

Brand new BREMBO gold 13mm CLUTCH master cylinder with silver adjustable lever.

Brembo #10.9740.23        

16mm Remote Resv. Brembo Brake MC - Gold 916 style

Brembo 16mm remote resv. brake master cylinder - Ducati 916 style - gold master cylinder with adjustable grey lever and microswitch including electrical pigtail.

Brembo #10.5053.13       

13mm Remote Resv. Brembo Clutch MC - Gold 916 style

Brembo 13mm remote resv. clutch master cylinder - Ducati 916 style - gold master cylinder with adjustable grey lever.

Brembo #10.5065.13         

16mm Remote Resv. Brembo Front Brake Master Cylinder

This is a new BREMBO 16mm remote resv. brake master cylinder found on lots of different bikes in the 80s +. Comes as shown with a black lever and a no mirror mount style clamp along with a built in microswitch ready to hook up to your existing harness. 

Brembo #10.5053.10        

13mm Remote Resv. Brembo Clutch MC - Black

This is a 13mm black remote resv. BREMBO clutch master cylinder with a black lever and a standard clamp. It is a perfect match to the 10.5053.10 16mm master cylinder we also stock.

Brembo #10.5065.10   

30/34 Brembo Goldline Caliper Pair - 65mm Spacing

* Available in GOLD or SILVER

30/34 BREMBO Caliper Set - 2 piece, 2 pin, 65mm spacing - came on LOTS of late model European bikes - comes with pads etc, ready to bolt on.  You can upgrade the pads when ordering to Galfer "Greens" for a huge improvement over the standard pads.

* Not for use with the stock spoked wheels

Pads - Fit Brembo 30/34 2 Pin, 65mm Mount Caliper - Galfer Greens

Galfer "Greens" fit 65mm mount Brembo 4 piston 30/34 calipers. This compound is our preference and what we use on our motorcycles. It is aggressive and works wet or dry, hot or cold.  These are great for high performance street use or for all out racing on the track.

Brake Caliper - Brembo Goldline Caliper Pair - 65mm Spacing - 4 Pad Type

* Available in GOLD or SILVER

This is for 1 left side plus 1 right side Brembo goldline 4 pad, 65mm mount caliper set. These are brand new and come with standard Brembo brake pads installed as shown. For aggressive street or track use we suggest installing Galfer "greens" which we can install for you. Choose from the drop down menu.

* Not for use with the stock spoked wheels

Pads - Fit Brembo Goldline 4 pad type calipers - Galfer Greens

These pads are Galfer GREENS which are our favorites on the street and track. They work very well wet and dry, hot or cold. These fit the 65mm mount 4 piston, 2 pin, 4 pad goldline Brembo calipers. Order qty 1 and you get 4 pads for 1 caliper.

Front Galfer SUPERBIKE "WAVE" rotor pair

Get a pair of Galfer WAVE rotors for all years Ducati Sport Classic [all GT1000, Paul Smart 1000, Sport 1000 etc]

Front Galfer STANDARD "WAVE" rotor pair

Get a pair of Galfer WAVE rotors for all years Ducati Sport Classic [all GT1000, Paul Smart 1000, Sport 1000 etc]

Rear Galfer "WAVE" rotor

Get a rear Galfer WAVE rotor for all years and all models Ducati SportClassic [all GT1000, Paul Smart 1000, Sport 1000 etc]

Front SS Brake Line Kits

Made by GALFER brakes so can be assured of the quality.  Kits for STOCK brake systems as well as for our RADIAL PUMP and 30/34 Caliper Upgrade Kits.  Whatever color combination you want, we will build it for you ~ clear cover + stainless banjos shown.

Rear SS Brake Line Kits

Made by GALFER brakes so can be assured of the quality.  Whatever color combination you want, we will build it for you ~ black cover + stainless banjos shown.

Bevel Heaven can help you get the custom brake or clutch line setup you want for your motorcycle. 

Galfer Brakes will build whatever you want, to your specs, delivered in a timely manner. 

Contact us here at Bevel Heaven if you need this service and we will work with you to design the best setup possible for your front brake, rear brake or clutch.  Remember, all GALFER products come with a lifetime warranty and you can't beat that!

Here are the colors available for the banjos and brake lines.  As you can see, the options are just about endless.  The banjo bolts are available in silver, gold, red, blue or black.

Back in the day, you used to have to buy the line, and all the fittings, and put everything together yourself.  With GALFER BRAKING SYSTEMS, you take some measurements, decide what kind of banjos you need on each end of each line, decide the lengths of each line then decide on the color combinations and that is it.  The pros at Galfer do the rest and you end up with a professional brake or clutch line that lasts forever.  Give us a call and we will help you figure it all out.

No compromises, no leaks, no problems.  Ever. 

That's the GALFER promise.

Engine Related Upgrades
14 Tooth Sprocket. 

This is a 520 or 525 chain size, bolt on, steel, countershaft sprocket.  The easiest and least expensive way to get more oomph off the line on your Ducati Sport Classic.  NOTE: Stock chain size is 525!  Also fits any Ducati with the DS1000 engine, ST3, Multistrada 1000...  If you need a 15 tooth sprocket, or a rear sprocket in any # of teeth and configuration [anodized, polished, bare aluminum] we can order one in for you easily - just ask.

Nichols Manufacturing was the first to develop and manufacture aluminum flywheels for Ducatis. In order to cover the entire Ducati line, we are the only manufacturer who makes six types of flywheels.

Decrease rotating mass and you will increase performance. This also reduces the gyroscopic effect of the components, which means your motorcycle will move from side to side with less effort.

Your stock flywheel weighs more than 4 pounds. Our flywheels weigh 9 to 12 ounces(!) depending on the application. They are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and use steel inserts to trigger the timing sensors. The assemblies are balanced. These flywheels will free up existing horsepower and torque, and increase engine braking,

* All of Nichols Manuf flywheel kits are available through Bevel Heaven, send us an email with your yr and model for more information and to place an order.

This is the "Fuel Injected 1999 & Newer" kit  
We highly advise you also buy the Nichols flywheel nut kit  

Nichols Manufacturing clutch basket is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, hard anodized and teflon coated.  We use a steel ring to prevent separation of the fingers at extended high rpms. Our design makes use of more than 90% of the available tab area on the friction plates.  This clutch is made with Barnett's exclusive CF2000 molded Carbon-fiber friction material.  It can be run "dry" or "wet".  The porous nature of this material provides excellent cooling for dry applications and adequate oil displacement when run in oil.  (Note; the Dryflex clutch do not come with springs.)  Combine our basket and a Barnett DryFlex clutch and you will remove 3.5 pounds of rotating mass from your clutch assembly.  Fits all 6 speed bikes.

DUCATI "Modern" 2V CLOSER COLLET SET [replace the crap stock half rings] It’s been more than 6 years since the collets were first introduced and since then, MBP have sold over 2000 sets world-wide. Proven in both race and street applications, the design has been refined to improve ease of installation as well as to increase service interval between shim measurement and adjustments. Available for bevel and belt-drive Desmodue, Desmoquattro and now Testastretta applications the collets dramatically extend the interval for valve adjustment and provide substantial gains in reliability on hard-use 4-valve engines. Either way you look at it, the collets offer an attractive value proposition to dealers and Ducati owners alike. * IN STOCK NOW * This is the MODERN BELT DRIVE DUCATI ENGINE collet kit, which includes 8 MBP collets. This kit fits the few modern ducati 2 valve engines with 7mm valves - in other words the DS engines with 7mm valves like the Sport Classics, hypermotard, multistrada....

Slave Cylinder - YoYoDyne Overthruster Billet - Fits All Years DUCATI

Revised slave cylinder fits ALL Ducati's with removable slave cylinder. Large bore slave cylinder improves clutch modulation and reduces lever effort by 25%. YOYODYNE WARRANTY: We have improved the part one again to make it even more trouble free. As always, a hard anodized surface provides a long trouble free life. Warranty - Based on years of trouble free performance, we are able to offer a lifetime warranty on the Overthruster. We Guarantee the slave cylinder to be leak free for as long as the original owner owns the part. If the cylinder ever leaks, return it to us for repair or replacement. We also offer a good will discount if the slave cylinder was destroyed by a defective pressure plate. The cylinder is supplied assembled, and is ready for installation. We have included the exploded view to show the features of the part. The cylinder is hard anodized, and has a smooth surface to improve the movement of the parts. The piston is kept under pre load by the spring. This prevents a wandering lever if there is no pre load. The piston uses two widespread, thick O-rings to stabilize the piston in the bore. This eliminates metal-to-metal contact. A new cap is fitted to the cylinder, and sealed with an additional O-ring.  This sealing cap is also vented.

Oil Filter Magnet - 1" ID size

• Easy to install, just attach to base of standard screw on type oil filter or for bevel drives set it on the OUTSIDE [on top] of the oil filter cover • Standard oil filter only trap particles down to 20 microns, leaving the most harmful 5 to 20 micron particles to circulate through your engine • This powerful six point magnet traps harmful, abrasive hard metal particles down to 1 micron that regular oil filters don't • Invented by Dave Ashley and Dan Smith, winners of 17 Baja Offroad Championships, to help their race engines last through the extreme abuse of Baja racing • No gimmick, these things really work to reduce wear, and significantly increase engine life • Available in two sizes to fit most spin on or cartridge oil filters • Makes any oil filter better than a high performance oil filter • Reusable for up to 5 oil filter changes

K&N Oil Filter - All Ducati w/Spin on Oil Filter

This oil filter is made by K&N for your modern Ducati. It fits ALL Ducati with a spin on oil filter from the 750F1 forward including 916, 996, 750SS, 900SS, Multistrada, 749 series, 998, 999, all Monster etc etc. Save by purchasing more than 1... get em for $15 each if you buy 8....

Oil Filter - all Ducati w/spin on filter [except below]

This filter fits all F1, Pantah, and forward - all Ducati rubber band twins which require a spin on type oil filter. ATHENA is the company that makes the oil filters that are branded by DUCATI - these are exactly the same but no DUCATI logo.

Keihan Exhaust Systems for Sport Classics

Kits available for all GT1000, Sport, PS1000 all models.  Click HERE for more info.

CRG Bar End Mirrors

CRG - ARROW PAIR + 2 Bar End Adapters

2 CRG "ARROW" bar end mirrors + 2 CRG bar end adapters at a nice kit price. The ARROW is the ideal application for modern, performance sportbikes and naked sportbikes. Aerodynamic styling in billet aluminum construction gives a superior, unobstructed view of the road behind. In keeping with the exceptional quality of all CRG products, the Arrow Bar End Mirror is an eloquent and minimalist design. We love this mirror! It's unique multi positioning mounting system means that you can mount your mirror on the left OR right side without changing anything - just unscrew the clamp and move it to the other end of your bar. Re position the arm and mirror wherever you want and off you go. Made of 6061-T6 anodized aluminum billet, all stainless fasteners and an automotive quality convex mirror. You can clamp directly onto the end of your bar or onto a CRG bar end adapter sold separately. 

CRG - 2 silver 3" LS Mirrors + 2 Adapters

the 3" silver LS mirror by CRG. THis kit includes 2 silver 3" mirrors + 2 bar end adapters by CRG at a nice discount over MSRP

CRG - 2 black 3" LS Mirrors + 2 Adapters

OK here is the deal - buy this kit and you get 2 black LS mirrors + 2 bar end adapters by CRG. This represents much more than 10% discount off MSRP

CRG - 2 silver 3" HS Mirrors + 2 Adapters

the 3" silver HS mirrors by CRG. This kit comes complete with 2 silver HS mirrors + 2 adapters at a 10% discount off MSRP

CRG - 2 black 3" HS Mirrors + 2 Adapters

This kit includes 2 black HS mirrors + 2 adjusters by CRG at more than a 10% discount off MSRP.

CRG - 2 black 2" BS mirrors + 2 Adapters

This kit includes 2 black 2" BS or BLINDSIGHT mirrors + 2 bar end adapters by CRG at more than a 10% discount over MSRP  

Of course we also stock all the above CRG mirrors and adapters individually as well as crash parts and individual bits and bobs for your CRG mirrors....  Click HERE to see all of our selection on individual parts etc.      Dealer and "group buy" enquiries welcome.

Vinyl Die Cut Stickers

Moto Ducati Sticker Set

Moto Ducati sticker set includes a left side and right side sticker as shown. These are high quality automotive vinyl stickers with inks that can tolerate full sun stuck on something as is or buried under clear coat. Each sticker measures 50mm x 98mm. Perfect for your bike, helmet or wherever you want.

FLY Sticker - on clear background

OK so you have heard the story about the fly buried in the clear resin fuel stripe on Cook Neilson's pre production 750 Super Sport gas tank... Well now is the chance to do the same thing, but not so dramatic to pull off. This is a very realistic BLACK FLY printed on a clear background. You can stick it on your tank, or helmet, or toolbox............

Ducati bevel drive 750 Sport - gas tank DUCATI logos for each side + stripes on top of tank + stripes on each side of tank as shown. Please choose the 750S tank kit + MII from the drop down menu when you order to get an early GT 'Made In Italy' sticker as well which goes just behind the gas tank cap. 
"DUCATI" tank logo stickers for 750 Sport.  [1.875 x 7.94" ~ 47mm x 202mm] White letters with black outline.  Also available in RED with black outline.

"DUCATI" tail logo stickers for 750 Sport.  [1.22" x 4.80" ~ 31mm x 122mm] White letters with black outline.  Also available in RED with black outline.
1972-3 750GT Tank 'DUCATI' + Stripes

This kit includes the stripes on the sides and top + DUCATI logo on early 750GT gas tanks. If you also want the early GT 'MADE IN ITALY' sticker please choose it from the drop down menu or just choose only this kit.  There is a narrow white border outside the black border which sets it apart from the logo found on the bevel drive SPORT

DUCATI - 1972-3 750GT 'DUCATI'

This is the very early 750 GT DUCATI logo for the gas tank. There is a narrow white border outside the black border which sets it apart from the logo found on the bevel drive SPORT. 52mm x 202mm

Red with white letters DUCATI logo found on lots of Ducati singles on the rear fender. 20mm tall x 70mm wide. Automotive vinyl and ink so it will last on top or buried below clear coat.
DUCATI logo with gold letters and black outline found on various Ducati singles on the front fender. Letters are individual die cut automotive vinyl and ink so they are good to go as is or buried under clear coat. 13mm tall x 54mm wide.  
Small Ducati Meccanica Bologna 'shield' logo sticker - 22mm wide x 33mm tall. Found on various Ducati singles, perfect for that exact restoration or on your newer Ducati, helmet or???  Now available in a larger size as well.   
Large Ducati "wing" Meccanica logo [3 different sizes to choose from] - "Ducati Meccanica Bologna"  Perfect for your car, truck, refrigerator or tool box....
Oval Italian Flag MADE IN ITALY sticker [.75" x 1.5" ~ 19mm x 39mm]
Of course we have around 100+ different vintage Ducati stickers and kits in stock, click HERE to go have a look at everything we have.


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